DOTSXDoodle Factory -  Weekly Planner & Toolkit 2021

DOTSXDoodle Factory - Weekly Planner & Toolkit 2021

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 A professional productivity planner and toolkit for change-makers, creatives, leaders and professionals. Suitable for those who want to stay focused on a specific goal and track their progress along the year!

What’s Inside:

  • 2021 vision and goals
  • Full year calendar
  • Monthly calendar
  • Week-by-week calendar (horizontal layout for more writing space)
  • Weekly tips related to productivity, creativity and health
  • Monthly planning & progress tracking
  • End-of-month review
  • End-of-year reflections and review
  • Journey map to help you zoom out and look at your own life (detachable)
  • Leadership & product development tools
  • Helpful websites to get work done faster and with style
  • Milestone stickers for different milestones that remind you to stay on track or block time for renewing your energy, etc
  • Access to an online newsletter community where over 100 hand-picked competitions, events and funded travel opportunities to apply are sent to your inbox monthly

Practical Design:

  • Elegant ALL-black cover best suited for professional/client meetings, etc
  • 180 degree flexible opening
  • A5 size
  • 80g paper
  • Color of the SPINE is available in 4 colors (Black, Green, Red and Blue) - the cover itself is ALL BLACK as seen in the pictures
  • Envelope in the back cover to keep business cards and important pieces of paper

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