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DOTS is a unique planner and a toolkit designed to help you change habits, work smarter, track progress. Comes with logo and name engraving.

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Get customized name & logo engravings for your team or your VIP customers as a new year's gift. Our 40+ corporate clients love it them - you will too!

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The moment I knew I could personalize my own planner, I fell in love with DOTS. But then receiving it was a whole different story! It felt like a real personal planner - like an actual person is with me helping and inspiring me with the little tips here and there. Every month, I felt that push to plan in more details to get closer to my deadlines, dreams, personal milestones, and even my bucket list!

Reem Jabak, Future Energy Corporation

What I particularly loved are the pages at the beginning of each month and the mid-term review. As well as the preview for the monthly goals, encouraging me to be explicit, with space on the monthly calendar pages to break it down on week level and space on the weekly page to track it too. The idea of the insights is beautiful too.

Claudia Gross, Speak Green/GIZ

I've used A LOT of planners but yours was the one I enjoyed the most, and the only one that I was actually keen on using. You have truly mastered the "simplicity is key" equation. It is not crowded with meaningless stuff, quite the contrary. It has the mix of encouraging quotes and tips without losing its overall simple and relaxed outlook which is something I highly appreciate.  

Asmaa Gomaa, BUE

Using DOTS was a one hell of experience! I was always having problems with managing my daily tasks that's when I stumbled upon DOTS. With DOTS I discovered a lot about myself and it helped me a lot in focusing on my goals throughout the year.

Omar Ghanem, Blue Planet

I gave the planner to my husband as a gift to help him get inspired throughout his projects and he really likes it. He just told me a couple of days ago that he needs the nee one for 2018

Nahla O.

I have used different brands of planners over the past couple of years and I must say that I like the execution and originality in your design and the sleekness and how handy they are too. Definitely looking forward to the 2018 planner 

Atheer Osama