It all started by one DOT – DOTS Design

It all started by one DOT

We really believe in the responsibility of the individual to make a small dent in the world. After conducting ElRe7la for 5 years helping more than 500 leaders, entrepreneurs and people who make things happen get their clarity on visions and plan to make a change, we decided to create a tool to enhance productivity and maintain their discipline all year long. DOTS design is inspired by ElRe7la’s rich experience observing its attendees changing their habits and achieving their goals over years, one DOT at a time.

So that's about it for our story. We designed DOTS to help you change habits, work smarter, track progress and push your creative limits! May those of you who lead teams and those of you who like to stay focused on a particular big vision enjoy this little black book. We even have a special community you can sign-up to be a part of, where you can ask to join the 90-day challenge and really take part in changing that limit in your life across the new year. 

Let’s start this journey to leave the world a bit better than how it currently is.