Dots design is hereby to announce the Student planner’s design competition. The competition is aiming to have the planner designed by students to students. Therefore, if you are a student, you can apply for the competition and can be one of the official designers for one of the leading planner producers in Egypt. Apply latest by 15th of April and submit your design by the 17th of May to have a chance to be chosen as one of 3 prize winners.

Dots designs

DOTS design is a subsidiary of El Rehla and represented by it. What we design exists because we want to bring people closer both to themselves and to those around them. We want to unpack stories that have not been told yet - showing dimensions of ourselves that we haven't seen. 

Dots planners

We really believe in the responsibility of the individual to make a small dent in the world. After conducting ElRe7la for 5 years helping more than 2500 leaders, entrepreneurs, and people who make things happen to get their clarity on visions and plan to make a change, we decided to create a tool to enhance productivity and maintain their discipline all year long. DOTS design is inspired by ElRe7la’s rich experience observing its attendees changing their habits and achieving their goals over years, one DOT at a time. 

So that's about it for our story. We designed DOTS to help people change habits, work smarter, track progress, and push their creative limits! May those who like to stay focused on a particular big vision enjoy this little book.


  • Design a planner that helps students focus on their studies and achieve their targets.
  • Provide guidance on how to maintain the balance between their studies and their life.
  • Provide tools and resources that can help in acquiring new knowledge in a smooth way.
  • A tool that can be used every day and everywhere.
  • Well designed to fit students’ needs.

Target customers

  • PhD, Masters, University, and High school students.
  • Should be suitable for Men and Women.
  • Age group 16+.
  • Students who are trying to focus and need a tool to help them keep their duties on track.


Concept development rational

In this phase we expect you to be consumer-centric using the design thinking tools, therefore this planner design and development should include the tools that reflect the needs of students. We expect you to design surveys, one-to-one chats/interviews, and focus groups in order to understand the needs of the target group.

Product exterior design

The design proposal should be iconic, inviting, and should create a statement of its own. The proposed design should be suitable for students to carry around with high functionality.

  • Planner cover design
  • Binding style
  • Size
  • Materials and colors
  • Packaging

Inside the product

  • Define what are the sections needed inside the planner?
  • The initial design for each section suggested and details of what should be included within that section
  • We expect you to design main screen only for the sections suggested
  • Participants are to consider optimum usage of page spaces while designing.
  • The sections could include but not be limited to the following
o   A yearly vision and objectives
o   Daily spread/Notetaking section
o   Tools and websites that student needs
o   Managing stress

 Please pamper us with your amazing ideas


  • Concept development quality 20%
  • Product exterior design 30%
  • Alignment with Overall DOTS branding guideline 20%
  • Section’s selection 15%
  • Section’s content 15%


Announcing the winners on Dots Designs social media platforms, with links to winners Behance page and design outlets (Website, Facebook page,..), all winners will have the chance to attend one of El Rehla Retreats.

  • First place (full design concept winner) 8000 LE and the printing of the agenda.
  • Second place section design winner 3500 LE
  • Third prize section design winner 1500 LE


  • In order to apply for the competition please fill this form by a maximum of 15th of April.
  • Dots design will only accept up to 20 designers to join the competition. The announcement of the selected designers will be on the 15th and 16th of April.  
  • By the 27th of April accepted designers are expected to send the initial concept development documents.
  • The selected designers have to submit their final design (concept, exterior, and internal designs) by the 17th of May.
  • Dots design will announce the 3 winners by the 25th of May.

Material to be provided by Dots

Once you are selected among the 20 finalists you will receive the following:

  • Branding guidelines.
  • Sample of DOTS similar product but for business purposes.
  • List of similar products in the international market.


The copyright of all designs submitted to Dots Designs contests is owned by the designer who submitted the design unless that design has been selected as one of the winning designs.

  • Copyrights: By participating in this competition, you are consenting that the design copyrights move automatically to DOTS Designs/ ElRehla in case it was selected as one of the 3 winning designs.
  • ElRehla/DOTS keeps the right not to use, use parts of, or the full design as it seems relevant to its brand and product needs.
  • Designer name to announced on social media as winner of the competition.
  • Design should be original; any plagiarism would terminate you from the competition.
  • The shared material from Dots design side is a copyright to the company, where can you use elements from it in your design. However, you are not allowed to share with anyone who is not participating in the competition. Breaching that would lead to legal actions.
  • If you consider any part of what you will share is confidential, please contact us at
  • Participants have the right to share their work on their online channels.